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National Snaffle Bit Association

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Cummings Insurance Agency, Inc. is a full service, independent insurance agency, offering such products as Equine mortality Insurance, Farm Owner's Insurance, Stable Liability Insurance, Crop Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Life, Health, Bonds and Business Insurance. Over the past years, Ted and Blair Cummings have turned their passion for horses into a specialized equine department. Ted and Blair handle all equine calls personally as well as all aspects of equine accounts from start to finish. As horse owners themselves they understand that insuring your horse is much different from insuring your car.

Ted and Blair Cummings are members/sponsors of The National Snaffle Bit Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and the New England Paint Horse Club. They also sponsor classes at local shows for many of their clients.

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Owning a horse is both a financial and an emotional investment. We are available to our Equine clients 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

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